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The Howard County Horse Shows Association was established in 1979 to provide Howard County and surrounding area residents with rated quality horse shows at convenient locations. Today, HCHSA still provides family-friendly, affordable horse shows with challenging and safe courses. HCHSA members compete for year-end and perpetual awards which are given out at our gala awards banquet. Junior riders also have the opportunity to win the $2500 Junior Achievement Scholarship. There are divisions for riders and horses of all ages and experience levels. We look forward to seeing you!


Photo Request for Banquet Book

Calling all HCHSA year end Champions & Reserve Champions - we need your photos for our banquet book! Medal Finals & Benefit Hack champion/reserve champion are also invited to submit a photo. We would love candid photos from everyone as well!
Please send photo(s) to emily@hchsa.net by December 20th. Please include the following information in addition to a high quality photo: rider name, horse/pony name, division(s), trainer name, owner name, and photographer credit (if applicable). A full list of year end champions/reserve champions is as follows:
Low Pony Hunter
C: JOHNNY BE GOOD, Madellen College
RC: Drummer Boy, Bryce McNichol

Sm/Med Pony Hunter
C: Tuckahoe Bay, Kamryn Barth

Large Pony Hunter
C: Beaudacious, Logan Peacock
RC: Simply Irresistible, Page Smith

Pre-Children's Hunter
C: Sweet Valentine, Hollie Dunkerley
RC: Genius Gold, Naomi Brotman

Low Children's Hunter
C: Sir Buttercup, Alexa Longard
RC: Near Expectations, Kara Garber

Low Hunter
C: Westerleigh WF, Briana Kenerson
RC: Majorette, Evan Crierie

Pre-Green Hunter
C: Majorette, Evan Crierie

Low Adult Hunter
C: Avenue, Stephanie Rowan
RC: Mr. Knock Out, Sandy Hart-Long

Children's Hunter
C: McQuint, Angela Gurfolino
RC: Good Will, Isabella Kimmel

Working Hunter
C: A Plus Student, Marlene Allen
RC: Kolganie, Catherine Wegner

Adult Amateur Hunter
C: Beste Intentions, Cary Hundley
RC: No Regrets, Kirsten Farley

Hopeful Hunter
C: Divinity, Martha McClung
RC: Genius Gold, Naomi Brotman

Children's Pleasure
C: JOHNNY BE GOOD, Madellen College
RC: Hi Hopes Encore, Gabriella Kostadinov
RC: Lady Grey, Ashlyn Halliday

Adult Pleasure
C: Divinity, Martha McClung
RC: Code Red, Debbie Dietrich

Benefit Hack
C: Divinity, Martha McClung
RC: No Regrets, Kirsten Farley

Thoroughbred Hunter
C: A Plus Student, Marlene Allen
RC: American Way, Brittani Hayden

Short Stirrup Hunter
C: Finding Nemo, Madelyn Long
RC: Farnley Milton, Vivian Kovelman

Hopeful Jumper
C: Mi Amore, Cecelia Cooper
RC: Goose, Cassie Lively

Modified Jumper
C: D'Orsay, Colleen Reilly
RC: Sonny Day, Sophie Baker

Schooling Jumper
C: Wells Fargo, Dane Mallon

Child/Adult Jumper
C: Everlasting Light, Debbie Smith
RC: Wells Fargo, Dane Mallon

C: Alyssa Burger
C: Haley Meehan

Mini Stirrup
C: Alyssa Burger
RC: Sarah Howard

Short Stirrup
C: Anna Szefc
RC: Vivian Kovelman

Long Stirrup
C: Gabriella Kostadinov
RC: Isla Vogelsang

Jr. Equitation
C: Emily Hernandez
RC: Paige Smith

Limited Adult Equitation
C: Janice Cermatori
RC: Kristin Mowry

Adult Amateur Equitation
C: Colleen Reilly
RC: Briana Kenerson

Junior Medal
1st: Emily Smith

Adult Amateur Medal
1st: Colleen Reilly

Children's Medal
1st: Kara Garber

Pony Medal
1st: Logan Peacock

2016 Junior Achievement Scholarship Award

It's that time of year to start thinking about applying for the prestigious HCHSA $2,500 Junior Achievement Scholarship Award. To be eligible, you must have completed your 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in high school by this past June 2016 and be a member of the HCHSA. For clarification, there is no requirement to be a member of the Jr. Board, and previous winners are not eligible.

2016 HCHSA applications must include:
1. Name of rider
2. Current high school transcript including GPA
3. Name of horse
4. HCHSA division(s) competed in for 2016

Please submit your application to:
Evan Crierie
4501 Ten Oaks Road
Dayton, MD 21036
(transcript records are completely confidential)

The deadline for your application is November 30, 2016. The winner of this award will be the HCHSA junior member that has demonstrated excellence in both academic and equestrian ability. As always, the winner will be announced the night of our banquet (January 7th, 2017).

2016 Medal Finals

Please see below for the list of riders who qualified for the 2016 HCHSA Medal Finals. Finals will be held on Sunday, October 16 at Pickwick Stables (first horse on course at 9:00AM), and our judge will be Patty Zumbrun. Please RSVP by returning your bio form (click here) and entry form (click here - you can also bring your entry form on the day of the show, as long as you have RSVPed) to emily@hchsa.net. RSVPs are due no later than Thursday, October 13.

Long Stirrup
Gabriella I. Kostadinov
Isla R. Vogelsang
Ashlyn Halliday
Alexandra Evans
Allie Schroder
Savannah Schiebel

Short Stirrup
Anna Szefc
Vivian Kovelman
Madelyn Long
Natalie Paley
Annelise Vetter
Rylan VanCourt
Sarah E. Howard

Junior Medal
Brittani Hayden
Brianna Mentle
Emily Smith
Perri Freeman
Isabella P. Kimmel
Margaret M. Hopkins
Kaitlin Nicely-Harvey
Angela Gurfolino
Caroline Cassell Hardie
Pony Medal
Paige N. Smith
Logan E. Peacock
Isabella Procopio
Kamryn A. Barth
Sasha Carter

Adult Amateur Medal
Colleen Reilly
Briana Kenerson
Judy Schaefer
Stephanie Rowan
Terry West
Davina Pruitt-Mentle
Kirsten R. Farley
Chloe E. Bellerive
Debbie D. Athey
Norma Stephens

2'6 Children's Medal
Grace Slater
Naomi Brotman
Ava B. Larson
Meredith G. Buller
Kara N. Garber
Melissa White
Hollie G. Dunkerley

St. Tim's & Medal Finals Info

Please join us this weekend (September 24th - 25th) at St. Timothy's School! This show will be tri-pointed; in addition to HCHSA points, participants can accumulate points for BCHSA and MHSA. The prize list can be downloaded here or viewed on HorseShowing.com. We hope to see you there!

A list of qualified Medal finalists will be given pending results from this weekend's show at St. Tim's. The judge will be Patty Zumbrun. Due date to enter and downloadable entry form will be on the website - check back soon!

Colonial Classic Horse Show Qualifiers

The HCHSA Colonial Classic Horse Show qualifiers are now up on the Colonial Classic website! Please check here for the full list and entry instructions. The show will take place over Labor Day weekend (September 3 & 4). Congratulations to all our qualifiers!

HCHSA July Updates

There are only TWO shows left to accumulate points toward qualifying for the Colonial Classic! Join us this Sunday, July 31st at Pickwick Stables for a bi-pointed HCHSA/MHSA show! Pre-entry is available on HorseShowing.com; please click here to download the prizelist/entry form. We hope to see you on Sunday!

We would like to congratulate the following winners from our Summer Show at McDonogh School (July 24th):

- Taylor Rinaudo, Leadline Champion and winner of the Indoor Champion Saddle Pad Drawing!

- HCHSA Home Run Derby: 1st place went to Raining Diamonds and Debbie Hann, 2nd place to Jax and Taylor and Allison Blumenthal!

- Our $150 Jumper Stakes winners were as follows:
Hopeful: 1st - Cassie Lively & Goose; 2nd - Alyssa Peddicord & Henry's Treasure; 3rd - Carly Walter & Livingstone
Modified: 1st - Morgan Kazerman & Whiskey Rox
Child/Adult: 1st - Dominick Boccia & Winnie; 2nd - Zabelle Van Dam & Because Reasons

HCHSA Summer Show at McDonogh School

The updated prize list for the tri-pointed HCSHA Summer Show at McDonogh School is available now! Please click here to download; please disregard previous prize lists and refer to the updated one instead. Online pre-entry is available on HorseShowing.com. Points earned at this show count toward qualifying for the Colonial Classic! We hope to see you there.

Important note: Mini, short, and long stirrup riders cannot bi-point at this show due to cross entry restrictions. You must pick the association in which you wish to earn points and compete in those classes only.

HCHSA May Updates

Congratulations to Ashlyn Halliday and Lady Grey, the first winner of our free Awards Banquet ticket raffle! We will hold another raffle at our Summer Show on Sunday, July 24th at McDonogh School.

Each ring at our Summer Show will also feature a special offering: the hunter ring will have the Home Run Derby; the jumper ring will have stake classes with prize money; and the indoor ring will have a raffle among the division champions with a special prize. More details coming soon!

If you have attended any of our shows so far this season, please take a moment to fill out a brief show survey. Thank you!

HCHSA Spring Show at Pickwick Stables

The prize list for the HCHSA Spring Show at Pickwick Stables is now available - please click here to download. Please note that the Spring Show will have jumper classes as well as handy hunter classes in several divisions! Online entry is available at HorseShowing.com. We are participating in the Colonial Classic Horse Show this year, so all points earned from HCHSA shows will go toward qualifying!

If you attended our Pre-Season Warm-Up on March 26, please take a moment to fill out a show survey. All thoughts/comments are appreciated!

Vaccination Records

Please note that all exhibitors must furnish proof of vaccinations, including EHV-1 and EHV-4, in order to participate in all HCHSA shows.

In Memory of Gretchen Mobberley

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our vice president, Gretchen Mobberley. Gretchen passed away on February 21st at home surrounded by family. Gretchen was a founding member of the association, and her accomplishments and contributions to the equine community are innumerable. She will be greatly missed by all.

A celebration of Gretchen's life will be held on March 7 at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Glenwood, MD at 12:00PM, with a reception to follow.

Please keep Gretchen's family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.